My fondest memories as I journey through life have revolved around family and food. Growing up, I remember my mother’s cooking; nothing fancy but good, nourishing, delicious food. We never had cakes or cookies or pies from a bakery, everything was homemade. Even in the heat of summer, before air conditioning, the cookies were baked. After I moved to New Jersey, I was introduced to Italian cooking. My mother-in-law, Veronica, was a great cook. It was always Sunday dinner at her home with several courses of food. Veronica taught me how to make several dishes and my family enjoys those recipes to this day. My heart is full when the entire family is all gathered around the dining room table enjoying the food as well as each other’s company. I hope you all have many pleasurable moments cooking the recipes on this website, for they really do tell a story of life and happiness.

– Joan DeNoia